Handmade. Felt.

At Spirited Hands Studio, we revel in the handmade! We offer both workshops for you to create your own unique fiber art and/or an opportunity to purchase wet-felted one of a kind wearable art and home décor from our artisans.

Handmade felt is produced through an ancient process which is eco-friendly. This process dates back thousands of years and was first utilized by the nomadic peoples of the East. From the shearing of the sheep to the completion of the hand-felted textile, the entire process is in harmony with living things and Mother Earth. There has been a resurgence in the wet-felting process in the last 30 years or so bringing it to the forefront of the fiber arts community and encouraging fiber artists to push boundaries in the realm of textile creation.

Upcoming Workshops—You learn to do it!

New in our store!

Sculptural Shoulder Bags - wet-felted by hand and all four featuring one piece construction, interior pocket AND upcycled leather belt as the shoulder strap.

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