Handmade. Felt.

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Finding joy in the act of creating

I have explored many mediums such as drawing, painting, clay work, glass fusion, wood sculpture and welding. But by far my medium of bliss is wet-felting. Handmade felt is vastly different from your usual, craft store felt.

Handmade felt is produced through an ancient process which is entirely eco-friendly; this process dates back thousands of years, and was first utilized by the nomadic peoples of the East. From the shearing of the sheep, to the completion of the hand-felted textile, the entire process is in harmony with living things and Mother Earth. There has been a resurgence in the wet-felting process in the last 15 years, bringing it to the forefront of the fiber arts community, and encouraging fiber artists to push boundaries in the realm of textile creation.

I incorporate a variety of materials into my completed textiles, including various kinds of wool, silk, viscose, cotton, and found-objects. Additionally, I utilize eco-dying, a contemporary application of the traditions of natural dying, to alter and modify the materials being included in my wearable garments and installation pieces. As an artist, I draw inspiration from nature and the human condition. My “palette” includes leaves, stems, flowers, minerals and other natural elements.

Marrying the traditions of wet-felting and eco-dying allows me to produce textiles that are truly compelling for me in form, color, and composition.

Susan Thompson of Spirited Hands Studio